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Why eZee?

Not all electric bicycles are the same…

Some things to look out for when deciding on a bike:

  1. Is it a recognized global brand and have been in SA at least more than 5 years. This is important as we get daily requests from people who bought bikes from companies that lasted a year or two and can now not provide support.
  2. Does it comply with proposed SA regulations i.e. less than 250W nominal and option to restrict to 25km/hr. Although regulations in SA are a grey area, what we are sure of is that if this is not the case, you will need to register and licence the bicycle as a scooter according to SANS 311. Note that eZee complies with EU regulations (but, at your own discretion, can be derestricted to provide the full 35km/hr and peak power of 750W). See also an article of The Myth of the e-bike Watts
  3. Does it offer good value? Make sure the company you buy from does not spend more money on storefronts and marketing than on actual product research and testing.
  4. Make sure you understand how much a replacement battery costs. Also, understand the difference between direct drive and geared motors, various battery technologies etc. Do not let higher figures for Volts, Amps, Watts etc. fool you into thinking you are getting a better bikes. These figures are all mostly marketing tools and real performance does not always correlate.

There are a whole host of technologies available out there and it is difficult to compare them directly. Comparing a cycle with a lead acid battery and non-geared brushed motor (as found on most cheap electric cycles) to one with a state of the art Li-polymer battery and a geared, brushless motor with clutch (eZee proprietary technology) is definitely not possible. There are, therefore, a number of important design factors that make up a complete electric bicycle that is safe, fun to ride, reliable, good at climbing hills, looks cool and is legal to ride on SA roads. Our advice to electric bicycle novices is…if you are unsure, first talk to us for expert advice.

eZee advanced electric bicycles have been proven across the globe to be one of the best electric bicycles available and have taken top honors at several electric bicycle competitions, races etc…it has dominated the Tour de Presteigne for three years in a row! This is where most of the electric cycles in the UK compete for the top prices and includes a hill climb and an endurance race. eZee cycles are proven to be reliable in all conditions and can be used for everyday commuting without worrying if it will leave you next to the road. It performs like a normal cycle and the added weight due to the motor and battery hardly makes a difference in terms of cycling pleasure. They look smart and can be trusted to get you to your destination safely and on time.

Also remember that all eZee cycles comes with our standard warranty which we will proudly honor because we believe that eZee is the best electric bicycle available in South Africa!

See the worldwide eZee site also here: www.ezeebike.com for more info on the company that makes eZee.

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