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eZee Torq - the fastest and most exciting machine - New edition!

Is this the best electric bike in the world? We think so!

The new edition of the eZee Torq is now available in South Africa.

It has all the great features of the now famous older version of the Torq, but with an slimmer, even stronger motor, front suspension and a front shimano disc brake.

It really extends the range of electric bikes' A to B magazine's long term test report

eZee Katima to Cape ride:

3000km in 14 days through the Naimb Desert!

Two riders completed the ride of a lifetime - setting new electric bicycle records for furthest distance in a day and the fastest speed over 200 km's. The ride was done to highlight traffic congestion and promote electric bikes as a fun and fast way to get around. It shows that electric bikes provide reliable, efficient, low cost transport, perfectly suited to the urban environment. If they can do this trip, anyone can commute by electric bicycle --- and save money, time and the earth all in one go! Visit the ride website here.

94.7 Pick and Pay Cycle Challenge - South African DJ, Julio Garcia, finished the 94.7 Cycle Challenge in 4 hrs 30 mins on an eZee Torq. The race went without any incidence and the Torq performed extremely well over the almost 100km's. Well done Julio and the eZee Torq. It has been said that this cycle race is even tougher than the Argus taking place annually in Cape Town. Read More...

Cycling Plus magazine cover CYCLINGPLUS Pick of the year
'If you're a cycling purist then my choice might alarm, but I rate it as a real groundbreaker. The Ezee Torq electric bike I reviewed in Cycling Plus 188 is a throttle-assist machine based around a hybrid style alloy frame. It packs an astounding zip into a relatively small front hub motor, powered by the latest lithium battery technology. If you're interested in getting a bit of assistance it's worth taking a look at the Torq. The version I tried weighed 25kg complete with lights, mudguards and rack. Even better was the 50 km single-charge range.' Richard Peace made the eZee Torq his Pick of the Year in the Cycling Plus magazine.

BBC News 'I'm amazed. I'm truly amazed! Itís absolutely excellent for the hills Ė I also found the throttle handy for some of the busy roundabouts on my route. Itís helpful to be able to move quickly when youíre in front of all those cars, the motor gets you on your way. A total revelation.' Chris Kelly's for BBC Bristol

'What a great electric bike. The eZee Torq is super light and feels like a non-powered road bike. The 250 watt motor has amazing pull, it just keeps building up speed very smoothly to what feels like 30 km/h. A very efficient setup that runs for many miles per charge (unlike those older, heavy eBikes). The eZee Torq is the bike rider's electric bike' reviewed by electric-powered-bikes.com

'One of the most exciting machines around, quite unique. Gentle, refined, deliciously fast... very nearly the lightest electric bike we've seen, yet it comprehensively beat the flat road speed record, the mountain course record and the hill-climbing record. Could we really not recommend it?' A to B's original eZee Torq electric bike review

Journalist Quentin Van Marle rode the whole 3220 kilometer stretch of the Mississippi river on the eZee Torq.

Professional Engineering Magazine's review of the Torq

Ian Seager used a Torq prototype to cycle between London and Paris, one of the first electric bicycles of any kind to take part in the Royal British Legion's annual Poppy tour.


From the Climate Challenge ride by Robert Zipplies: "Robert’s well-used eZee electric bicycle operated smoothly throughout the trip of 2902 km, and only sustained punctures on one day (and remember he steered clear of smoothly tarred national roads). The bike consumed about 24 kWh of electricity which translates to about 24kg of CO2 or R19,20 at the rate of 80c/kWh. The same trip, solo in a in a petrol-driven car consuming 7.5 L/hundred km, would have produced emissions of around 550 kg of CO2 with a fuel bill of about R1,600. The support vehicle was run on biodiesel made from old cooking oil to minimise the carbon footprint of the Challenge."


eZee Torq - new edition!


Throttle power-on-demand, pedelec, cruise control
Max Speed
Speed limited to 25km/h, but can be derestricted to 35 km/h

Bicycle 22 kg
Li Battery 3.1 kg
Total 25.1 kg

37V 11 Ah / 15 Ah Sony Lithium ion with battery management circuit. Battery can be removed for or left locked securely on the bike.
Automatic Smart charger, maximum charge time 3 hours
Up to 70 km with 15 Ah
Road bike All alloy 6061 T4 T6
Built-in front LED cluster and rear lights draw power from main battery. Operated via switch on handlebar.
Full-size polycarbonate with stainless steel support
Schwalbe marathon 700c x 38 ( 28" x 1.5" ) with Smartguard
Weinmann (Rigida) CNC alloy twin wall
13g stainless steel

9-Speed Shimano Deore


Shimano front/rear disc brake

Handle bar
Zoom Al alloy
Front fork
Zoom suspension - Al alloy
Head stem
Zoom Al alloy MTS-D367-2 with threadless VP-A77CK head set
Prowheel PRO-252AA8/9 52 T Alminum alloy chainwheel and crank
KMD 8 speed
Massload Al alloy kick stand
Rear carrier
Massload Al alloy
Velo Cruiser 8019E
Motor Specifications (New slimmer motor - better performance and hill climbing!)
PWM microprocessor and LED self-diagnostic system. Overload protection 20 amps, Low voltage protection 31.5V
36 Volts
Rated power
840 Watts peak and 250 Watts nominal power output

Multi-function Velo 5 cycle computer, built-in front LED cluster and rear lights, full mudguards, rear luggage rack, integral kick stand, puncture-resistant tyres. Water bottle and holder.

1 year of free parts and repairs - eZee warranty
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