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eZee Sprint - the perfect city all-rounder

eZee Sprint - Click to enlarge

Available in step through and MTB style

The eZee Sprint electric bike rides very well and is super easy to use. It has one of those 7-speed internal hubs which you can shift without pedaling, this comes in handy when driving in NYC traffic. You can down shift to first gear if you get forced to stop short, on a derailleur bike you have to take off in high gear - no fun at all. The bike has a smooth front suspension and handles well on rough roads and feels very save and stable. The step through frame is great for stop and go traffic and city riding. If you’re looking for a bike that does it all – this is it.
reviewed by electric-powered-bikes.com

Feature video of the Sprint being used as a rent-a-bike on Magnetic Islands, just off the coast of Australia.

'One of the best electric bikes around. The Sprint is light, the fastest in its class and should wipe the floor with the opposition.' - A to B Magazine

'In challenging country, the most blistering performance we've seen.' - A to B Magazine

'This is fun, way more exciting than I imagined. The sort of machine I can imagine myself commuting on.' Metro newspaper

eZee Sprint


Throttle power-on-demand
Max Speed
Regulated to 25 km/h, cannot be derestricted on Special offer models

Bicycle 23.5 kg
Li Battery 3.1 kg
Total 26.6 kg

37V 10 Ah Lithium Polymer with battery management circuit. Battery can be removed for or left locked securely on the bike.
Automatic Smart charger, maximum charge time 5 hours
Up to 50 km with some pedalling
Aluminium alloy T 7005 T6
Built-in front LED cluster and rear lights draw power from main battery. Operated via switch on handlebar.
Full-size polycarbonate with stainless steel support
26” x 1.95”
Al alloy twin wall with CNC sides

Shimano Nexus Inter-3 or Inter-7 on full spec models


V brake front, and Shimano Roller Brake rear

Handle bar
Al alloy
Front fork
Suspension, Aluminium alloy crown
Head stem
Al alloy
48T, Aluminium alloy crank and corrosion resistant chain
Central Aluminium alloy kickstand
Rear carrier
Al alloy
Sprung, steel seat post
Velo Cruiser 8019E
Motor Specifications
PWM microprocessor and LED self-diagnostic system. Overload protection 20 amps, Low voltage protection 31.5V
36 Volts
Rated power
Re-engineered brushless planetary gear motor, nominal 250, 350 or 500 watts with 840W peak. One of the best motor and controller combinations ever to be fitted to any electric bike.
Rated current
20 Amps

CatEye cycle computer (speed, trip distance, time, etc), kick-stand, luggage rack, bell, built-in lights

1 year of free parts and repairs - eZee warranty
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