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eZee Kit - Advanced kit to fit your favorite cycle

Rekindle your cycling experience with the eZee electric drive kit. With its high capacity battery and robust motor, getting around has never been more efficient, environmentally responsible and enjoyable! From city bikes to mountain bikes, tandems to rickshaws, our creative clients apply our e-bike kit for personal and commercial uses, making journeys in life come true.

The eZee kit allows the conversion of any standard normal cycle into a powerful and state-of-the-art electric bicycle. It comes fully equipped with a 250W nominal power brushless DC motor, Lithium battery and all the electronics needed to completely transform your favorite cycle.

The full installation can be done by anyone who has some DIY skills and with standard cycle tools. It can be done in under an hour depending on your skill level and the bicycle that it is fitted to.

Who buys the eZee kit?

The eZee kit is intended for people who want to be part of the quality eZee team and get the best electric bicycle components available; but who already have their own favorite cycle that they just want to transform into an electric bicycle. The eZee success recipe and advanced proprietary motor and controller combination have been well proven globally…if you are serious about your gear, eZee is your only option!

Lomeus Cloete fitted a carrier kit to his bike. JHB

On Constantiaberg. From Tokai to the mast on one charge of the battery. - Peter Krige

Here's our first conversion on my ladys' bike, mine is to follow soon. We commute every second day to the shops to do some groceries and to stay in shape. On weekends we'll go for a little fun ride a bit further out. Johannesburg has rediculous hills all over the place, so the electric motor really helps to keep a good average speed as we only use it for uphills, the rest of the time it is just human power. I derestricted the kit, so we keep an average speed of 30 -35Kph which is just fine, and because we only use it uphill, the battery lasts +/- 70 Km on a round trip. We are surely going to use the bikes more often once I've fitted the kit to the other bike. So - this is quite liberating and a lot of fun and you still get your exercising! - Willi Krause, Johannesburg

Download detailed eZee kit specs here
Download detailed eZee special offer kit specs here
Download kit brochure here
Download the Front motor dimensions here
Download the rear motor dimensions here


Bottle battery, rear wheel kit

Very nice kit fit with seat post carrier. Monte Vista, Cape Town

I managed 70 km with some serious climbs on the mountain. The battery was still half charged when I got home so I reckon I could easily manage 100 km without a problem. I certainly pedal as well and only use half power otherwise the front wheel, wheel spins. Amazing torque!!! - Dr. Geoff Bihl, Somerset West

Two kits fitted, husband and wife front wheel and rear carrier battery. Thabazimbi

Here is the simplest most reliable conversion for an Ezee kit that I came up with. I commute every day in Cape Town,rain or shine and the bike has not missed a beat.I commute 16 to 25 km per day every day and have done so for over 9 months now and haul it up Constantiaberg every now and then just for good measure and the view. It has amazing traction off road especially on steep stuff as essentially I now have an all wheel drive bicycle. The fact that I get to cruise to work on beautiful quiet backroads, with zero effort, listening to my ipod and still get there in the same time i would if I sat in dirty smoggy traffic in a car makes this an absolute no-brainer. These days I look forward to the days commute. I estimate the distance run at over 6000 kms to date. - George van der Watt, Chemical Pathologist, Red Cross Childrens Hospital, Cape Town

Read about the Clarens Cruiser fitted by Rupert Nanni, Clarens here.
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