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The route - In more detail
In choosing a route for the ride, we wanted something that would really test the durability of the bikes. It had to be long and hard, hence the Katima to Cape Town ride. It would be a mix of tarmac and dirt, 3000km and done over 14 days. Hard days were to alternate with ‘recovery’ days. Katima Mulilo is in the eastern Caprivi Strip, which juts out in the north east corner of Namibia. The town is on the Zambezi River, and the ideal place to start from. Northern Namibia is open woodland, still with elephants roaming around. As we turn south at Rundu, things start to get drier until we reach Windhoek up on a plateau. Here the tarmac ends, and the daily distances shorten as our average speed drops. Heading down the escarpment, we enter the Namib desert. Heat and rough roads will be the biggest challenges here, and it doesn’t stop until we’ve followed the Orange River to the South African border at Noordoewer.

Back on tarmac, it’ll be time to put our heads down and head for Cape Town, hoping we don’t have to ride into one of the Cape’s dreaded head winds along the way.

Day 1 Katima Mulilo to Divundu 321km
Day 2 Divundu to Rundu 216km
Day 3 Rundu to Grootfontein 267km
Day 4 Grootfontein to Otjiwarongo 204km
Day 5 Otjiwarongo to Windhoek 253km
Day 6 Windhoek to Namibgrens 166km
Day 7 Namibgrens to Sesriem 134km
Day 8 Sesriem to Duwisib 143km
Day 9 Duwisib to Aus 205km
Day 10 Aus to RoshPinah 168km
Day 11 RoshPinah to Border 145km
Day 12 Border to Garies 247km
Day 13 Garies to Clanwilliam 225km
Day 14 Clanwilliam to Cape Town 229km