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Frequently Asked Questions
Ho much do they cost?

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What is an eZee electric bicycle?

An eZee electric bicycle looks exactly like a conventional bicycle, but is fitted with a state of the art electric motor, battery and controller system. It encourages cycling through providing all the gain of conventional cycling, but without the pain.

Why an eZee?

See here.

Do I need a license or registration?

Electric bicycles are a valuable addition to the transport mix of any country and allows for 'greener', more affordable travel and is also the natural evolution of cycling for commuting purposes. It can greatly reduce emmisions and city traffic congestion. Countries around the world has realized this and allowed clearly for the use of electric bicycles on their public roads with similar regulations than a normal pedal cycle. In addition to the normal bicycle regulations, electric bicycles must also conform to a few other restrictions; for example, the power allowed is limited (In Europe < 250W, USA < 750W and Canada <500W etc.) For more info on the different regulations for the different countries, click here.

In South Africa however, the rules are not that clear. The National Road Traffic Act includes electric cycles in its definition of a motor vehicle and by definition should be registered. However, the process further is not clear and a 'gap' exist. Also, SANS 311 was published at the end of 2007. This standard states that "Cycles that are equipped with an auxiliary electric motor that has a maximum continuous rated power of 0,25 kW, of which the output is progressively reduced and finally cut off as the vehicle reaches a speed of 25 km/h, or sooner" does not fall into any vehicle category. eZee bikes comply with all the proposed SABS regulations (SANS 311 2007) i.e. excluded.

eZee bicycles complies with all the SA standards regarding safety equipment and manufacturing standards recommended for normal bicycles. Therefore, in summary: After 5 years of eZee in SA, we can still not absolutely state that it is allowed on SA roads (many promises made, but a lack of action by government is delying the inevitable clarity we seek and one day we hear it is allowed and the next that it is not...this has been the case across the globe in many countries when electric bikes first started to appear there). However, in Durban, the police are using it to patrol; the transport minister has mentioned that is is good solution to transport problems in several speaches; the transport department has tried out the bikes and no eZee rider to date has had any trouble. We can therefore not say yes it is or no it is not...we leave it to the user to decide and use this at own risk. Our job is to provide world class cycles for smarter, cleaner and leaner commuting!

Note: other so-called electric bikes may not comply, if you are unsure, please contact us for help and information. What to look for: If you are in the market for an electric bicycle and consider buying another brand than eZee, we congratulate you on taking the step towards 'green' and healthy living; however, we do recommend that you check that the bicycle comply with the EU regulations: 1) The motor power must be 250W or less 2) The bicycle must be fitted with a speed control that limits the maximum speed to 25km/hr 3) The bicycle must be fitted with all the safety equipment recommended for normal bicycles 4) the bicycle must weigh less than 40kg's and 5) the bicycle must look like a bicycle and have working pedals that is used as the principle driving mechanism.

How far can I go on one charge?

eZee bikes can go any distance you want them to by just getting the required size of battery or putting them in parallel. They come in 11Ah (standard), 15Ah and 21Ah and can even go over 120 km's on a single charge with the 21Ah; off course also depending on the eZee model, the cyclist's weight and terrain. Of course, the rider can pedal at any time, extending the range.

How fast can I go on an eZee?

You can go up to 40km/h depending on the model without touching the pedals, depending on the eZee model, the rider weight and the terrain. However, once you're at that top speed, it's easy to pedal and use the gears to go much faster.

What does it cost to ride?

eZee electric bicycles require about 250Wh to travel roughly 30km’s. This means a trip of 100 km’s would cost less than 70 cents at current Eskom prices. Additional costs to consider are normal bicycle maintenance and the battery life. Based on the cost of a replacement battery, this ads a mere 10 c/km to the estimated total running cost. Your eZee electric bicycle will be by far the most cost effective vehicle you'll ever own.

What are the advantages of Lithium batteries?

Our Lithium batteries power packs are state of the art in battery technology. They are on average 3 times lighter than lead acid batteries. This means a lead acid battery with the same power density would weigh more than 12 kg’s, i.e. it would use most of its energy just to move the battery around. It is also almost a third lighter than NiMH batteries with the same performance. It lasts about 60% longer than conventional lead acid batteries and almost 25% longer than NiMH.

What motors are used and why?

All the eZee electric bike models use the most technologically advanced DC brushless planetary geared motors. These motors are extremely efficient, reliable, quiet and require almost no maintenance. They are combined with complex electronic speed controllers optimized to make eZee bikes the best high performance electric bicycles in the world.

Is the bike light enough to lift unaided?

A lot of electric bikes come with heavy steel frames and old-fashioned lead acid batteries. eZee bikes are built around alloy frames and use lighter battery technology, and are, on average, around 10-12kg lighter than most electric bikes. And they all come with removable batteries, making them even easier to transport on a bike rack.

Is it fitted with reflectors, LED lights, mudguards and a bell, for extra safety and comfort?

All eZee bikes come with the complete set of accessories!
How do I know that I get the best quality electric bike in the world?
At eZee, we have an ongoing commitment to quality assurance and service. eZee products conform to the CE regulation, this means that our products have the CE label and have a CE conformity declaration. By attaching the CE symbol to the product, the manufacturer is confirming that its product conforms to the requirements corresponding with the EU (European Union) guidelines. eZee bicycles have been tested in accordance with the ISO 4210: 1996 - Safety requirement for bicycles, ensuring all safety requirements on our part has been set to an international standard. eZee is also pleased to announce that its products have also met with the French AFNOR standard NF R30-020.

What will you do if something goes wrong?

All eZee bikes come with a comprehensive guarantee. Just call us and we will sort out the problem.

What is the life span of the battery?

The battery have a lifetime of about 500 charges, meaning about 2 years worth of full charges and discharges for a person using the bike every working day for a 50km trip. One of the reasons eZee uses Li+ batteries...it lasts almost 45% longer than its nearest competition NiMH. For a simple guide on how to keep your battery running optimally for longer, click here. Most people use the battery less and we have seen some of our original bikes of more than 8 years old still running on their first battery.

Some electric bikes have the battery in the down tube, why don't eZee bikes?

Down tube: There are a number of advantages to be able to remove the battery easily, without taking the whole bicycle apart or having to take it to a qualified technician. These include changing batteries (maybe you have a spare battery is that is charged), charging the battery somewhere else than on the bicycle, removing the battery for reduced weight during transport on a bicycle rack etc. eZee bikes come with a secure battery lock-in-place mechanism to ensure that it can only be removed if you have the key. Carrier: Having the battery positioned at the centre of gravity as on the eZee bikes makes a lot of sense in terms of handling. Furthermore, the carrier should be free to carry other stuff.

Ok, ok I'm convinced, how do I buy the eZee electric bicycle?

Simply click here!

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