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eZee Forza - superior power - on and off-road


eZee Expedir -ultimate work bike - carry extra 120kg
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eZee Torq - fastest, most exciting commute


eZee Sprint - perfect city all-rounder
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eZee Kit - Advanced kit to fit your favorite cycle


eZee Quando - folding cycle to take anywhere

eZee Custom - choose your own frame / bike / style and let us make you a custom electric cycle

Any style - Fat bike, beach cruiser, racer, MTB single or dual suspension etc.

FAQ (quick)
What is an eZee electric bicycle?
An eZee electric bicycle looks exactly like a conventional bicycle, but is fitted with a state of the art electric motor, battery and controller system. It encourages cycling through providing all the gain of conventional cycling, but without the pain.
Do I need a license or vehicle registration?

Bit of a grey area in SA. eZee bikes comply with all the safety regulations for normal cycles in SA and is excluded from SANS 311(i.e. < 250W). For a more detailed discussion, please read here.

How far can I go on one charge?
eZee bikes can go up to 60 km's on a single charge depending on the eZee model, the cyclists weight and terrain. Of course, the rider can pedal at any time, extending the range.
How do I charge the battery?
Simply plug your eZee into any standard wall plug. Just like charging a cellphone.
How fast can I go on an eZee?
You can go up to 30km/h without touching the pedals, depending on the eZee model and terrain. However, once you're at that top speed, it's easy to pedal and use the gears to go much faster.
What does it cost to ride?

eZee electric bicycles require about 250Wh to travel roughly 30km’s. This means a trip of 100 km’s would cost less than 40 cents at current Eskom prices. Additional costs to consider are normal bicycle maintenance and the battery life. .

Is it good for the environment?
Electric bicycles are currently the most energy efficient means of transport available to man. They emit zero emissions while in actual use. They are also quiet.
High spec components standard

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