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eZee Forza showing off against the beautiful Johannesburg skyline

NEWS: All new eZee's come with 2 year warrantee on their batteries (T&C apply)! If you buy a different brand, make sure you get the same. The battery is one of the most important parts of an electric bike*. All eZee bikes now come with Sony 11Ah or 15 Ah and also have option of 21 Ah to go over 100km or more per charge.

eZee SA have been selling electric bicycles in South Africa for over 10years. No other electric bicycle is more represented and better supported on SA roads. Many happy riders in JHB, PTA, DBN, CT, PE, Bloem, Plett,
Oudtshoorn, Klerksdorp, Blouberg, Kleinmond, Baberton, Tzaneen, Thabazimbi, Nelspruit, East London etc. etc....

We have shipped our electric bicycles all over SA and this model only works because...eZee bikes don't break!
Some riders doing more than 1000km's per month via their daily commute. eZee bikes are not toys, but serious and beautiful machines.

We do not spend money on brick and mortar shops, huge marketing or mix conventional and electric bikes. We focus on the niche of electric bikes and sell through a simple referral system, with strategically located service agents.

Note: We get daily calls from people who bought bikes from others and that cannot get support now or are unhappy with the quality of product / performance. Just because someone can slap a generic Chinese motor onto a bicycle, does not mean it is worth your money (they all say "Powered by a 'big name' battery", but it is rarely true). Before you decide which brand to buy; make sure you invest in proven quality and read here why it should be an eZee.

eZee & JHB lifestyle eZee = beautiful?
eZee = kit magic? eZee = art JHB?
What mountain? - eZee flattens the ups Tested on over 7000km test rides in SA

eZee electric bikes have proven their quality over and over and below are some test rides
and events that proves that eZee stands out above the rest worldwide.
Do not be fooled by companies with large marketing budgets but inferior products at higher prices!

1. Three consecutive winner of the 'Tour de Presteigne (worlds largest electric bike rally)'
2. 3000km ride from North of Namibia to Cape Town in 14 days
3. Cape Town to Durbian via JHB
4. The entire length of the Mississippi ride
5. Melbourne to Sydney ride
6. The entire Silk route in China
7. Cycling Plus Magazine's bike of the year
8. Gadget show chosen bike and challenge winner

Make sure to check out the web for global reviews and news on eZee bikes.

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